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Exploring Cows

Students learn how cattle utilize nutrients and energy from food that humans cannot digest and convert it to meat, a food rich in zinc, iron, and protein. All programs begin with a tour of the farm.

Lower Elementary (K - 2)

Students learn about the variety of agricultural products they consume in a hamburger and will trace the ingredients back to their source

  • Vocabulary words that pertain to cows
  • Ingredients of a hamburger
  • Growing a crop to harvesting, processing, and transportation
  • Food groups and nutrients

Upper Elementary (3 - 5)

Students discover how hamburger is formulated for leanness

  • Identify the healthier ground beef and compare different percentages
  • Practice measurement skills using appropriate units for weight and volume
  • Find serving size, calories, total fat, saturated fat and sodium on food label Nutrition Facts panels

Each program session lasts about an hour and a half and are offered on weekdays in the morning and afternoon. The Cost of each program is $10/student.

Call 248.634.7276 or email to reserve your date and time.