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Exploring Hens

Students learn about the life of a hen on a farm, including the food they eat and the food they give us. All programs begin with a tour of the farm.

Lower Elementary (K - 2)

Students learn about the production of eggs beginning on the farm and ending in the refridgerator in their home.

  • Vocabulary words that pertain to hens and chickens
  • Egg production
  • Candling eggs
  • Proper egg storage
  • Craft - time permitting

Upper Elementary (3 - 5)

Students learn the process of egg production and home use of eggs.

  • Parts of an egg
  • Egg facts
  • Determine egg size based on circumference and weight
  • Create egg white foams (meringue) from raw egg white - time permitting

Each program session lasts about an hour and a half and are offered on weekdays in the morning and afternoon. The Cost of each program is $10/student.

Call 248.634.7276 or email to reserve your date and time.