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Horses sharing the round bale Red angus chowing down


About KeiLin Farm


KeiLin Farm, owned and operated by Keith and Linda, is commited to raising quality beef, eggs, and hay. Their small, working farm is nestled in Rose Township, Michigan.


They strive to keep their animals as natural and stress free as possible by keeping their cattle and horses on pasture and allowing the hens to free range.


It's not unusual to find some of the friends who come to visit working with the animals in a relaxed setting.


As they begin to breed their own stock, they will have calves available for youth who want to raise and/or show cattle.


They are more than happy to explain how they raise, feed, and carefore their herds.


Please call or email if you would like to visit.

Lu-Rain shares food with hens





cattle grazing in the pasture

Cattle graze in the pasture during the warmer months and always have a supply of quality hay available as well. (more...)


Our eggs are fresh from the next

Eggs are fresh from the nest. We gather eggs two to three times a day to ensure their freshness. Rhode island red hens known to be good layers of brown eggs. (more)



grassy hay ready to be cut

What we feed our animals is very important to us. We grow our own grassy and grass/alfalfa mixture hay (more...)