KeiLin Farm

shrink wrapped chicken


To Schedule

Please call 248.634.7276 schedule your chickens, geese, or turkeys.
Download the Poultry Cutting Form and complete it. Bring it when you bring your birds. We accept credit/debit cards, as well as cash and checks.


Pick up

You will be given a pickup date when you bring your birds. Please pickup your birds at the scheduled date/time. We charge $5/day for birds that are not picked up on time.


Poultry Processing

We custom process for your pountry - packaged the way you like it!

  • Whole, split, or parted
  • Shring bag (whole) - Vacuum sealed (split or parted)

All poultry is quick frozen to ensure freshness when you cook it.

We process poultry from April through November by appointment only. Please call to schedule your birds for processing.

Birds must be alive when brought in. We will inspect the birds to ensure that they are alive and healthy. We cannot accept or process birds that are dead, diseased, or dying.

Please remove feed from your birds the night before you bring them. We ask that you bring your bird in a crate - no cardboard boxes, cooler chests, or other tightly sealed containers.

Every customer's order is processed individually. We do not intermix orders.

We request that you pick up your order in a cooler chest that can be kept at 400F to assure it stays cold enough on your trip home.