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Double yolk egg Hen looking for insects in a bale of hay


About our hens

We chose Rhode Island Red hens as our laying hens because they are an excellent producer of large, brown eggs. In their prime, they can produce 5 to 7 eggs a week.

We allow our hens to free range most of the year. They stay in their coop and barn during the winter months to protect their comb from frostbite.

Please note: although we usually have an abundance of eggs spring through fall, hens lay less eggs during the cold, winter months.


About our eggs

You will notice the difference the minute you crack open the egg. Farm fresh eggs tend to be more golden in color because the yolk of free range hens contain more lutien and xanthophylls. Both of which are very good for your eyes. Fresher eggs tend to stand taller and are more firm.

There is always a free choice chicken feed available for our hens as well. The additional feed contains necessary vitamis and minerals, but never any hormones or steroids.

Our eggs are priced at $4.00/dozen. Please call 248.634.7276 to place an order.







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