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Haflingers waiting for their round bale of hay Square hay bales stored dry in our barn Stacking square hay bales in our barn


About our hay

What we feed our animals is very important to us. We grow our own grassy and timothy/alfalfa mix hay for our cattle and horses. We maintain our fields by fertilizing only what is needed and when it is needed, and with organic matter when it is available. We also reseed our fields when necesary. Maintaining a thick, grassy field reduces the number of weeds that can take root.

Whether our hay is used for our beef cattle, breeding heifers, or horses, the hay needs to be of the highest nutritional quality possible to keep our herds healthy and productive.



We take one or two cutting of hay a year depending on the weather. Our hay is cut, baled, and stored dry. When available, we offer round bales and small squares. Pick up only.

Call for pricing and availability.



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