KeiLin Farm

pork chops


To Order

To order please call 248.634.7276 for pricing and availability of both whole/half pig or pork loin.
We accept credit/debit cards, as well as cash and checks.


Freezer Space

Before placing you order, be sure that you have enough freezer space. A half pig is between 85 and 105 pounds, depending on the hanging weight.

On average, a half pig will need a 5 cubic foot freezer.


About Our Pork

The pigs are raised on another farm and brought to us for processing.
They are raised under the same conditions as our cattle and chickens.

Our pork loin package

We also can obtain whole pork loins. These weigh approximately 100 pounds and provide you with pork chops, pork steak, and your choice of cubed pork or sausage.

This pork is the same that is served in most restaurants.

How they are sold

We sell pigs by half or whole. You will receive a cutting form that we will review with you before your pork is processed.

Every cut is vacuum-sealed in its individual package which is marked with the name of the cut, the weight of the cut, and date it was processsed. Vacuum sealed meat has a longer life in your freezer.

We require a $50 deposit on a half, and $100 deposit on a whole pig.